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About Us

Vox Philia is a premiere chamber choir located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since 2013, the choir has been achieving regional recognition, performing works from a wide range of musical periods and styles.

While “VOX” refers to voice, “PHILIA” is one of four Greek words for love, specifically, the love between friends.  Aristotle defined this love as a pure delight in one another's company, and more profoundly, as an enjoyment of one another's character, even wanting what is best for others at the expense of one’s self.

Vox Philia, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, performed its first concert in the Winter of 2013. Since then, Vox Philia has been performing concerts annually in both the Spring and the Winter. 

Our Goals

~ become an integral and valued part of the Reading arts community

~ embody the definition of PHILIA in our music making, as well as our interactions with one another and audience members

~ become a training ground for gifted students within the Reading community, especially for those in the city who may have less opportunities than singers in the suburbs

~ ensure each performance nourishes and enriches the lives of both performers and listeners 


~ donate a substantial portion of our ticket revenues towards charitable organizations, a real and tangible way of living up to our name


~ achieve recognition not only locally, but also regionally and nationally, capable of singing a wide range of music from various periods and styles, at the highest levels of technical and musical excellence


~ make people aware of various organizations in need

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